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Have you ever pondered what your taste in music may seem like on a supermarket receipt?


Look no farther than Receiptify, the entertaining and cost-free software that creates a personalized receipt including the artists and songs you’ve listened to the most from your Spotify library!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced receipt collector on Receiptify, this tutorial will help you navigate the login procedure.

Receiptify Login For New Users

  1. Go to the Checkout: Open the Receiptify website first.
  2. Get Your Green On: Locate the large green “Login with Spotify” button. To start the login procedure, click on it.
  3. Grant Access: Spotify will launch and ask you to sign into your account in order to provide Receiptify access to the information you’ve listened to. Rest assured, Receiptify takes security very seriously and just requires this information to create your musical receipt.
  4. Greetings from the Club! After granting permission, you’ll be sent back to Receiptify, where you may view your favorite music throughout a variety of durations. You may examine how you’ve been listening throughout the last week, the previous six months, or even your all-time favorites!
New User of Receiptify

Are You Coming Back for More Receipts?

Accessing your Receiptify account is considerably simpler if you already have one:

  1. Return to Website: Make another visit to the Receiptify website.
  2. The Known Green: Select the green “Login with Spotify” option, just like you did previously.
  3. Quick Login: Since you have previously given Receiptify permission, you should be able to log in without having to input your Spotify login information again.
  4. Receipt Time! You’ll be sent directly to your customized receipt, where you may reveal your love of music to the world (or keep it a secret).

Having Issues With Signing Up?

Do not panic if you experience any problems logging in! On their website, Receiptify has a useful FAQ section that may help you with your query. For more help, get in touch with their support staff as well.

Using this instructions will make it simple to log into Receiptify and create your personalized musical receipt. Now open Receiptify, find your favorite songs, and be ready to share your music selection with the world!


You’ll be flaunting your own musical receipt in a matter of clicks. Why then wait? Access Receiptify now and discover the background music of your existence!

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